Brass Gear and Purple Chalcedony Statement Earrings

Brass Gear and Purple Chalcedony Statement Earrings

These earrings have the coolest silhouette.  Beautiful brass steampunk style gears finished off with wire wrapped purple chalcedony teardrops that seem to glow against the brass.  They are great statement earrings at 3 1/2 inches long.  Wear your hair up, wear it down-it doesn't matter-they will look great and stand out.

Caring For your Jewelry:
Please sanitize just the parts of your earrings that go through your ear with rubbing alcohol before you wear them. Do not soak earrings or use rubbing alcohol on any other part of the earring as it may cause cloudiness.
Sterling silver, copper & bronze naturally oxidize over time when exposed to air and other corrosive chemicals, including but not limited to, lotions, perfumes, chlorinated or salted water. In addition, wearing your jewelry while bathing is not recommended as the water vapor and chemicals in the water will speed up tarnishing. These earrings have been coated in clear lacquer to preserve the finish, which will protect them from everyday wear, however, soaking them will most likely make the lacquer cloudy.
Should your jewelry require cleaning, you may use a liquid soap (such as Dawn dishwashing liquid) mixed with water-do not soak it. Rub gently and pat your jewelry dry with a soft cloth. Jewelry should be completely dry prior to storage.