How Worship and Praise Can Change Your Life

I love, love, love music.

  I love many kinds of music.  Music is powerful in many different ways.  It makes us feel things.  Some songs make us weep.  They can make us feel powerful.  They can make us need to dance, or groan with embarrassment.  They help us remember things-be real, how many of us have to sing the Alphabet Song to remember where a letter is?  Songs can remind us of a moment in time and bring it back like we are right there. 

Hallmark Won't Make a Movie About This One: Words of hope for hard Holidays



            I don't know about you, but this Thanksgiving was not what I expected. 

How to Change the World by Scrubbing the Toilet

               I have lived a life in the past few years that has felt pulled in many different directions and has left me feeling like I'm constantly running behind.  I feel less like a shiny dime and more like a raggedy teddy bear that has been dropped in a mud puddle and is missing an eye.  I have a heart that wants to help people and I also have a huge list of things that just need to get done. 

When Superheroes Fight

            My deep and fiercely nerdy love of much of sci-fi is thanks to my Dad. 

Creeping people out, or as I like to call it, making friends.

            When I was in my last two years at George Fox University I made zero friends at school.  I had decided to live off campus which at Fox meant you could get out of participating in many things that would help me make said friends and for some reason I thought that was a good thing and signed up!  Yay!

How peeing on metal changed my life.

I was sitting in a classroom full of metal artists as I listened to a man with a respectable beard happily talk in detail about how he peed on his metalwork. It was a part of re-creating an ancient technique for a grant he had received.  A really big grant.  He got to go to Scotland or something to pee on said metal.     

            This falls into the category of life altering moments for me. 

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